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"Becoming a better global citizen through Blockchain & Cryptocurrency" with Mamadou Toure

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"Intelligence and creativity are evenly distributed across the planet but not everyone has that opportunity to showcase them."

Driving change comes natural our September Scale Up Your Skills Masterclass speaker Mamadou Touré. We invited Mr. Touré to share his expertise on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to help fuel the world with financially tech savvy leaders. The founder of Africa 2.0 shared about his riveting background and experiences that helped shaped his journey in using finance technologies to impact socio-economic disparities in Africa and communities that have faced many barriers of entry for financing their goals..

Achieving great success, Mamadou was named, in Forbes Magazine, one of the top 10 Most Influential Men in Africa in 2014 and he is one of the World Economic Forum's Global Leaders. In addition to his stellar record of financial excellence, he has also ventured into individual projects focused on advocating for greater wealth redistribution and accessibility.

Mamadou discussed his unique experience growing up and schooling in France. During his time studying at a distinguished high-school in Paris and being one of few minorities, he understood the limited access many others had to education and how it plays a critical role to building the success needs for many young Africans and sought to change that paradigm. This fueled his passion and life's mission.

After establishing himself in the finance world, the then 29-year-old Mamadou went back to Africa. Inspired by experiences and cultural heritage, he set on a personal mission to narrow the financial disparities by ensuring equal distributions of opportunities. He has skillfully interwoven his expertise in finance tech and his passion for humanity. Through Cryptocurrency and Blockchains, his project, Ubuntu Tribe, has pushed the boundaries of healthy wealth distribution

"Crypto is the car and Blockchain is the road."

But what are Blockchains and how do they create an even playing field?


  • The principle of validating information or transactions by simultaneously capturing it within a decentralized system of individual computers

  • Creates and stores chains of tamper-proof information

Ubuntu Tribe: The Tokenization of Gold

  • Digital gold makes it accessible to anyone with a smartphone

  • Improves accessibility to opportunities by eliminating barriers-of-entry

  • Example: African farmers can transact and trade across the global stage without suffering the devaluations of currency disparities

As our captivated audience of young leaders listened on, Mr. Toure further elaborated on how these same technologies could aid in the accessibility of education.

Education: Technology as an Equalizer

  • Universities and high schools are able to key in academic records on a decentralized system

  • Students from third-world countries are no longer penalized as this erases doubt of authenticity regarding their academic records

Mamadou reminds us of the ways that innovation and technology can be used for good - to better the lives of others. His ability to combine two diametrically different fields to further this cause inspires us to continue developing outside-the-box thinking and solutions.

"That sense of initiative and taste for risks needs to be encouraged!"

We hope you enjoyed this article!

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