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HSCF Bio-Agriculture and Technology Symposium

Our Bio-Technology & Agriculture Symposium marked the beginning of our Fall 2020 Venture Capital STEM Bootcamp where YOU can get the chance to pitch to a panel of judges for up to $1,000 towards your business idea. To set the scene for this venture capital adventure was our discussion regarding bio-technology in the space of agriculture. What most people do not know is that agriculture impacts much more than just crops like fruits and vegetables. Agriculture is a career sector that overlaps with many others—clothing and design, health and wellness, investment, and cosmetics, just to name a few. Did you know that agriculture impacted and intersected with so many other potential STEM careers?

As we discussed at the beginning of our 2020 virtual camp series, there are endless possibilities of what you could do in a STEM career, and endless possibilities of what field you could take your STEM career into. The space of agriculture is no exception to the vast array of career options that await you in STEM. Sound overwhelming to have so many options? That’s okay, and absolutely normal. Knowing there are so many options out there can be both good and bad, and that’s why HSCF is here. We want you to get to know different people in different STEM fields, and stay in contact with them if a career field sparks your interest.

There is a whole world of opportunity out there, including opportunities around figuring out what you want to do! There are career quizzes, internship finders, and many more resources in our age of technology that new artificial intelligence algorithms will be able to help you locate what you need to maximize your career in STEM. Check out the links below for some of those ideas, and be sure to stay engaged with us on Instagram and Facebook for some more exciting opportunities headed your way!


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