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Welcome to Women's History Month

Without question, there is an infinite and compiling number of contributions women have made throughout history in changing the world. They vary from the birth of different inventions to shattering glass ceilings, knocking down barriers, and holding the door open for several others to follow and create change.

This month, we honor a few of the many who have created pathways, opportunity, and hope for another generation of fierce leaders in the world of STEM and beyond.

In addition to honoring women and girls, we have another challenge, Financial Growth. Money is math which is the "M" in STEM and an important aspect of life. So, we have an awesome ALL STAR global female team delivering tech insights, tips, and financial plans just for you. We will focus on financial literacy, understanding money, and how to put your ideas into action for your innovations, beginning STEM-Tech businesses, and personal growth.

Jean Archary: Strategy & Development Specialist & Author - South Africa

Waceke Nduati: Founder of Centonomy Ltd & Business Owner - Kenya

Ashley Keimach: Financial Coach & Award Winning Communicator- USA

Masterclass and financial session with Jean Archary | March 13 | 9:00 AM

Power Saturday sessions Waceke Nduati & Ashley Keimach | March 20 & 27

All of our Masterclasses and Power Saturdays are open to everyone with a special focus on young leaders from the ages of 11 - 22. Register early to reserve your seats. These sessions are FREE and open to all globally!


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