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Applied STEM Essentials: IT - Coding & Drones


September 30th - October 4th

Bushwillow Tented Camp


South Africa

The future belongs to those who code. As the world grows more dependent on computers to complete everyday tasks, computer programming has become one of the most attractive skills of the century. This camp will put campers in the programmer's seat. They will build drones, rockets, computer games, and more. Campers will be equipped with applicable skills and real-world experiences that will truly set them apart.

Girls Only

Age 15 - 17

Sleep Away

Early Bird $550 (+/-6970)

Discounts for multiple camper per house hold, attend more than one camp per year, scholarships, and early registration

Registration is


$700 USD (+/- R8870)

Initial Deposit: $50 USD (+/- R630)

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