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2023 HSCF ❤️ LIST: Kicking Your Year Off Right

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

As you move through 2023 slaying your goals, we wanted to share our list of chill vibes, good reads, and great shows that are thought provoking, motivating, and inspiring.

This year we are intentional on the content we share and hope it will help will helping you navigate your life. Over the next coming month, our focus will be on music for gaming, food, and learning history.

Take a break from the silence and let our recommendations strike the right mood for you.



This playlist is one of our favorites. As we work building plans for the next big event, these tune always puts us in the right mood. Here is some interesting ways music impacts us:

  1. Reducing stress, anxiety

  2. Lower blood pressure

  3. Help you stay focused

  4. Improve memory & concentration

  5. Fall asleep and stay asleep longer

Check out our playlist: PLAY


The written words is so powerful. We selected books to help expand the mind in a variety of areas topics that will be discovered throughout the year. Reading also helps to:

1. Improve communication skills

2. Better articulate & express our thoughts and ideas

3. Helps develop your creativity & imagination side

4. Increase your knowledge of global activities & events

Download LIST


We included Podcasts that were packed with historical factoids & insights. We hope they will provide:

  1. Lots of current events to stay up-to-date on topics and interest.

  2. Provide a unique perspectives

  3. Gain a deeper and authentic perspectives hearing directly from key leaders around the world.

Download our List


We can not say enough about the impact of the recent on screen or streamed shows. Just WOW!

Our take on these visual shows helped us:

1. Gain knowledge & gain into a different cultures, artists, food and music

2. Experience different points of views and see the world through a different lens.

3. Create unique conversations

4. Pure entertainment & fun!

View our List

We hope you found something you enjoyed from our list. If you have any recommendations to share, tag us on our socials and include a photo if you like!


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