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Cohort Corner: First Session Recap

HSCF two-year Cohort wraps up its first session, bringing with it excitement and new possibilities! Our ambassadors have proven themselves to be talented, innovative and STEM savvy.

Our goal for this program is to empower the next generations of global changemakers by exposing them to STEM concepts and business knowledge. Take a look below to explore much of what we’ve accomplished over the course of the first session and celebrate the new discoveries we now cherish.

Building a Professional Network

HSCF challenged our youth to become leaders and prepare for the future by introducing them to career possibilities, networking opportunities, and participating in skills-building sessions.

Gallup certified coach, Maxine Adams helped ambassadors learn their skills and talents by introducing them to Clifton StrengthsFinders Assessment. This session taught our Ambassadors how to apply their strengths in meaningful ways and reach their fullest potential.

Jean Archary, Global Finance coach shared lessons in Business 101. Jean laid the framework for business management, development and strategy and instilling the importance of learning about finances early.

Learning From Top Executives

Later in the week, top executive leaders from Smithfield Foods Inc., spoke with the ambassadors about the company's initiatives surrounding food and natural resource careers in the world of Bio-Agriculture and Technology. Our ambassadors gained insight into sustainability, supply chain management and the importance of a diverse agriculture industry.

Courtney Stanton, President of Smithfield BioScience pictured right, speaks with our ambassadors about the development of pharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine.

Our ambassadors got hands-on experience with STEM-related projects. From a hydroponics bottle garden to Edison robotics design & coding we tapped into our creativity and ingenuity. These activities tasked our girls to be creative, problem solvers who think outside the box.

The girls were also introduce to their business teams. They are beginning to develop a business mindset and think strategically. In preparation for pitch-day the girls have been working with their teams to develop a business plan!

Jasmine, HSCF Ambassador pictured above hard at work on hydroponics plant project

Building Community

Over the course of the next two years our participants will build meaningful friendships and grow a diverse sisterhood. During bonding night our ambassadors let loose with the HSCF team. This fun time included winning prizes by playing virtual games, sharing their skills in a talent show, and enjoying a popcorn-filled movie night!

We always started our sessions with reflections and motivation. During this time we shared the importance of gratefulness, mindfulness and putting thoughts into perspective.

With music at the forefront, there was never a dull moment. The girls enjoyed "guessing that tune", having song requests and getting pumped up for the day. We were happy to have DJ Sassi join us again this year to keep the good vibes flowing.

We are honored to provide a space that is inclusive and supportive where our girls can thrive. Watching these ambassadors grow in self-confidence and leadership skills has been amazing to witness. We are excited for the weeks to come and the opportunity to develop these ambitious achievers.

Ingrid, HSCF Ambassador wearing her 2021 T-shirt after receiving her "swag box" in the mail. Pictured left.

Edison Robot Coding & Design Day. Pictured below.

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