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Hackathons: Innovation and Creativity at its Best!

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

What are Hackathons?

Hackathons, also known as codefests, are events where technical and business experts collaborate within 24-48 hrs to create solutions to real-world problems. The focus of Hackathons is to find a creative and innovative technologically driven solution to the presented issue. This event usually concludes with a presentation by participants, pitching a prototype or model to stakeholders.

Hackathons and Climate Change

In recent times, the focus of Hackathons has expanded into many areas of study. As the fight against climate change gains more traction, an increasing interest in green-tech Hackathons has become more prevalent. Since the time of the Industrial Revolution, the production of greenhouse gases (GHG) has been problematic to Mother Earth. These GHGs produce a domino effect on global warming and affect and destroy natural ecosystems.

Green-tech Hackathons are environmentally targeted events that aim to find technologically innovative solutions for sustainability, climate change, and energy efficiency. Efforts towards protecting Mother Nature have mainly focused on mitigation and adaptability. Solutions focus on looking for ways to prevent our climate crises from worsening as well as becoming more resilient against it.

In the month of October, HSCF held our second Hackathon event. Our environmental and eco-innovation Hackathon was designed to allow our young leaders the opportunity to participate in the fight against climate change and sustainability. As climate change is a phenomenon that affects people on a global scale, these solutions created were designed to be applied internationally to aid in the eradication of these environmental challenges.

Being the largest stakeholder of the future, HSCF believes that the involvement of youth in these present-day issues is essential. Our young leaders were able to unlock their creativity and find the confidence to voice out their ideas.

HSCF Eco-Innovation Hackathon Highlights

  • SolarEarth, pitched by our ambassador Samara, focused on reducing GHG emissions through using solar-power technology

    • Portable solar device in the form of a magnet that is powered by an app

    • Provides the radiation needed to power the electronic device you are using

  • Newleaf Beeswax, pitched by our ambassador Maddie, focused on the wastage created by fast-food packaging

    • Introduction of reusable, non-toxic, and biodegradable fast-food wraps made of beeswax

  • Focus on financials: analyzing start-up costs, potential profit margins, and projected revenues

  • Using existing technologies in the form of social media to promote the use of the pitched products

Our ambassadors' solutions focus on utilizing natural resources in place of harmful materials, reducing GHG emissions and waste. Their wonderful pitches creatively merge technological innovation with entrepreneurship, creating simple yet effective solutions for improving sustainability.

Thank you to all our participants for their wonderful and innovative pitches, as well as our judges for their time and wisdom.

We hope that you enjoyed this article! Our goal is to spread awareness and inspire you to be part of the fight against climate change and to create your own innovative and creative solutions.

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