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Heritage STEM Camps Foundation... An Introduction To A Unique Experience

Started in 2016 by our founder, Tina Taylor, Heritage STEM Camps Foundation (HSCF) was built on the foundation of empowering minds all over the world. HSCF has since touched the lives of 700 minority girls and boys (aged 12-18 years), all of whom have become proud HSCF STEM ambassadors.

Contrary to popular belief, the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) is not mutually exclusive and lacking the human aspect of culture. Humans, the foundation of culture, continue to influence STEM through our innovations and developments. Similarly, STEM influences the societal culture as well, such as the prevailing cultural perception that STEM is reserved for individuals of certain calibre and social currency. One of the biggest hurdles of entering STEM is that of gender inequality. Recent studies have shown that while women hold over 56% of jobs in the US workforce, they only make up about 28% of jobs within STEM industries. At HSCF, we recognise the intersections between culture and STEM and believe in transforming STEM from one shrouded in cultural stereotypes to one that can be accessible to all.

"Those who yearn for more and want to learn in a diverse environment will benefit greatly by attending an HSCF program. They will have an unforgettable experience and become more equipped to thrive in the 21-century with confidence." - Tina Taylor

STEM has been in our lives for centuries – since the beginning of humankind. Take for example, comparing the ways people then and now prepare meals. Before the age of modern induction cookers and gas stoves, man used the simple elements of nature of sticks and leaves to start fires. That is exactly what we believe in: STEM is all around us. STEM does not start in the classroom, but in nature. Nature provides us with the biggest possible classroom.

As nature is available to all, this allows it to become the biggest even-playing field in education. At HSCF, we work to demystify the pre-conceived notion of STEM being exclusive to a select few. Here, STEM is transformed into something inclusive – available to all who have the passion to pursue it. At HSCF, we utilise the TEF (Taylor Education Framework) model as researched by one of former staff members, Dr Joseph Isaac. The approach to learning utilises 3 major tenets: STEM Academics, Leadership and Discovery. The combination of these 3 pillars provides a transformational experience, aiding HSCF in breaking down the barrier-of-entry to STEM and promoting equal opportunities for all!

To achieve our goals, we curate unique programs throughout the year to help prepare our young and seasoned leaders for the dynamic environment we live in today. We have well accomplished thought-leaders driving changes from the medical industry to music. You can view some of our pass speakers in the past three year masterclass series and get a glimpse of our enriching residential camps experiences. sessions featuring accomplished guest speakers as well as enriching residential based in South Africa and North America.

Breaking Barriers:

  • HSCF has designed many unique bootcamps taking place in a global locations (South Africa, North Carolina, Louisiana, etc) as well as virtually

  • 80%+ of our young ambassadors are engaged in entrepreneurial efforts prior to graduating high-school

  • 100% of our ambassadors are applying to universities worldwide

Curiosity is something we wish to inspire in every one of our ambassadors. Curiosity is an essential aspect of exploring each of their unique talents as well as various STEM industries.

We believe that education is not just limited to academics but includes developing an individual’s social skills as well. To better prepare our ambassadors to be future driving forces of change, HSCF integrates hands-on activities in our programs. This encourages the fostering of collaborative spirits and teamwork.

All these elements are what forms the foundation of HSCF. We strive to make every program, activity, and interaction inspiring, motivational, and exciting.

You can count on us to be part in your growth journey!

If you would like to be part of changing the paradigm for our youth and click on these links volunteer/facilitator or donor and join the HSCF family today!


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