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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

In keeping with our mission and vision, HSCF is thrilled to offer these three scholarship opportunities for our ambassadors.

Heritage STEM Camps Foundation & the "Dollar-A-Day Challenge" Heritage STEM Camps Foundation (HSCF) believes in the educational and financial security of our youth. Learning how to save and invest is something many wish they started early or had someone to help guide them through the process.

HSCF has a second round of scholarships funding five (5) high-school/university students to participate in the Dollar-A-Day Challenge. Each dollar you save, HSCF will match it. This program is a partnership with the Young Investors Society (YIS).

You will learn from top Asset Managers and Investment Bankers on the importance of investments, long-term goals, and more.

  • Application closes December 17th.

  • Click HERE to apply today.

  • Click on this VIDEO to hear from YIS Chief Operating Officer, Christian Tobin discuss the programs

Note: The Dollar-A-Day program begins January 2022. To learn more about this program click here.



Derek Emons is a high school sophomore at the School Without Walls in Washington, active Heritage STEM Camps Foundation Ambassador, and 2nd Place winner in the 2020 HSCF Venture Capital Pitch Competition. He understands the importance of challenging oneself in designing your thoughts into innovated STEM business solutions and pitching them to investors. "I was really nervous but I'm so glad that I did this program and push myself. I saw what I could accomplish when I did that", says Emons. Derek assures that STEM and learning business skills postures a change perspective and encourages everyone to join and participate in any HSCF events. He believes in the program so much that he has turned his award into a scholarship for two deserving HSCF participants. The recipients for the awards should have a curious mind with an enhanced capacity to creatively generate ideas and skills to make them happen, taking the initiative to grow, spot opportunities, and see beyond than what meets the eyes.

  • Two (2) $250 Awards

  • Application will closes December 17th

  • Click HERE to apply



The Josephine D. Turner Scholarship was created by Dr. Michael A. Stubblefield in recognition of his mother for her tireless commitment as a middle and high school teacher. Over the course of Ms. Turner’s 30 plus years of teaching, she has encouraged thousands of young minds to believe and achieve in the impossible made possible.

  • Two (2) $500 Awards

  • Application closes December 16th

  • Click HERE to apply today.

The deadline is quickly approaching so sign-up or share with those who you believe could benefit these amazing opportunities.

Global HSCF Team


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