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Masterclass Series: “Leadership & Finding Your Internal Drive" with Ed Dudley

Do you understand compound interest? Fractional shares? Or Cryptocurrency? Those were a few seeds our October Masterclass guest, Ed Dudley planted for us. We were captivated to learn the leadership lessons and trade secrets behind his success. According to him, it began with his parents. His father instilled a strong work ethic in him, and his mother taught him to “never be satisfied.” He said their words (and behaviors) influenced his personal and professional decisions. He prides himself on being ethical and timely, a lesson he also learned from them.

Many of us were intrigued when he said, “you don’t need a title to be a leader.” He encouraged us to think about the leadership roles and positions we can do today. He also shared that he thinks of two kinds of leaders…” the and” leader who is always seeking ways to encourage others or “the but” leaders who are not solution-oriented. Mr. Dudley said there are choices, and we should think about the kind of leader we want to be.

Someone asked about feeling shy or being more introverted when it comes to Leadership. Surprisingly, Mr. Dudley shared that he was very shy growing up, and at his core; he considers himself to be more introverted. He talked about pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone and the growth that can bring. Many of us were fascinated when shared that you will find the leader of “wolfpack” at the back; he wanted us to understand that leadership does not always mean being out front or center stage. More important than location, leadership style, or approach---he said that what all leaders do is inspire. And the great leaders groom others and are not afraid to get into the trenches when needed.

The 60-minute session went by in the blink of an eye! We could have spent hours with the interactive dialogue. He asked us as many questions as we asked him. One of the best questions came up near the end from one of the ambassadors who asked Mr. Dudley ‘’what’s next for you in your life?” He shared that his goals have shifted and now he’s more concerned with making IMPACT vs. making money which is why he enjoys doing sessions like this.

We had several other significant takeaways:

  • Start young (with creating a budget) and save 20% of what you earn.

  • Take advantage of the resources around you (people, technology, opportunities, or new adventures).

  • Don’t be afraid to give—life is like a boomerang and things have a way of coming back.

  • ‘Giving” is not just about money…it’s giving your time, your kindness, or your talent.

  • Prioritize yourself and your goals.

Speaking of goals and priorities…that’s exactly what we plan to explore in our upcoming Vision Board session. We will create a physical or digital display of images or objects that bring your dreams and aspirations to life. Exploring new ideas is exactly what we want to foster and promote at HSCF. Each month we offer a “masterclass” with the opportunities to learn from individuals in the field. This was the last masterclass for 2021, but make plans to join us in 2022. For more inspiration, be sure to connect with us on social media and tell us what innovative ideas you’re thinking of! Let’s learn together!

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