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"Rocking STEM at Home" with Rock Tsang

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Driven by a passion for ensuring equality in STEM, our Scale Up Your Skills Masterclass speaker Rock Tsang shared with us his expertise in bringing STEM into the home front. During this Masterclass session, Mr. Tsang spoke about his personal journey in STEM as well as his knowledge in integrating the teaching of STEM in everyday life. The founder of the STEM 4 Equality homeschool curriculum disclosed the secret to achieving success in STEM: the spirit of perseverance!

"What's behind STEM is the mindset - it's persistence."

An Image of Persistence

Mr. Tsang's desire and spirit of nurturing others began in his early years. Being a minority as

Asian American, Mr. Tsang experienced bullying during middle which spurred him to seek out a course of action to help others like himself through a leadership program.

As he moved up the educational ladder, Rock's personal mission to help others stayed with him. Even when life threw him some hurdles, such as dropping out from a teaching mentor program in college, Mr. Tsang persisted through it all.

Mr. Rock Tsang is the embodiment of breaking barriers in STEM. Despite not having a conventional academic background in STEM, Rock has gone on to create a successful homeschool program: STEM 4 Equality!

STEM 4 Equality

  • Features one STEM professional a week to highlight underrepresented leaders in the field of STEM who come from a myriad of backgrounds that traditional school systems tend to overlook

  • Offers a guide for parents with little to no STEM backgrounds to play an active role in their children's STEM learning journey

  • Provides a platform to develop and nurture curiosity, passion, and perseverance in ALL future young leaders of STEM

"It's no longer about being a sage on the stage but a guide at the side."

A Hands-On Learning Experience

The STEM 4 Equality homeschool curriculum places emphasis on educating parents on how to bring STEM into their homes. STEM 4 Equality consists of an 80+ week curriculum including both online and hands-on experiments catering to both elementary and middle school-aged students. It is Mr. Tsang's belief that the teaching of STEM does not require its traditional sterilized classroom environment but can instead take place in a fun and interactive background.

Mr. Tsang shared how an applied hands-on learning experience allows students to discover their own capabilities through stimulated problem-solving. Seemingly simple experiments and activities give forth to the notion that STEM is for anyone - especially those willing to persevere and push past perceived social stigmas and barriers surrounding it.

An example of one such exercise is the "Egg Drop Challenge". As shared by Mr. Tsang, the "Egg Drop Challenge" paves the way for students to think about utilizing everyday materials and items in STEM experiments.

Mr. Tsang reminds us of a crucial life lesson of obtaining the spirit of determination and perseverance. Whether it be solving STEM problems that challenge the mind or pushing past hurdles to attain our goals, this "never-give-up" attitude is essential.

We hope you enjoyed this article, wrapping up our Scaling Up Your Skills Masterclass sessions for 2022! We have more to come in the upcoming year so stay tuned for more updates.

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