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Understanding FinTech & Investments with Scott Karlin (Smithfield Foods, Commodities Leader)

Scale Up Your Skills Masterclass Series

We kicked-off Part I of a two-part series starting with understanding financial 101basic and the science behind smart investments using innovative financial tools (fintech) with Scott Karlin, Director of Commodity Hedging & Analysis at Smithfield Foods. This session took financials back to its business roots. In this session, the “M” in STEAM is financial math/financial literacy. All innovation requires funding, and the earlier knowledge is gained that more empowered you will be as budding leaders.

So, let’s talk about the cost-benefit equation.

Most of us were wondering about the most basic concepts related to finances, funding, investment, and more money words usually spread but rarely understood. Truth is, there are many areas we could start exploring to understand what drives the economic wheel, and while Scott did dive into the meaning of debt, capital, equity, and the many forms that could affect your business financials, he laid out the foundation that would create an effective investment plan/strategy that is centered around a goal-oriented mindset.

Learning from his early years. Scott asked, “How could I grow with what I have”?

Starting early in life, Scott mowing yards, the concept of investing to ultimately creating more capital was present for Scott, and it motivates the question inside all of us:

“I had this gut feeling”. Maybe I could be planning ahead? Maybe I could be creating more capital (money) by having a well-thought investment plan?” Scott describes. If you start asking these questions, then the financial seed has been planted!

Discovering the answer to these questions secured his understanding behind investing. This sparked Scott’s curiosity which led him to the financial services industry and discovering many technology tools used in the financial field which has increased in the last years.

¨The optimization of a basic tasks with the simple impulse of a let's-do-it mentality opened more questions and opportunities. ¨

Scott explains, to achieve any movement forward, we need to allow our critical thinking process to exist and by using disruptive advance technology. It's the only way improvement happens. This is FINTECH.

Finally, he discussed the entrepreneurial environment and if you are considering this path, here are some of the important questions to ask yourself:

· How much is this going to cost?

· How will it benefit me?

· What percentage am I going to receive?

· How long will it take for me to receive it?

Always apply these questions and do not overcomplicate it.

In our PART II session, we will go deeper and answer some of these questions and work on building financial frameworks. Make sure to join us and sign-up for our upcoming Masterclass series as we explore theses other areas of growing our investment options with cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the possibility of humanizing technology in an industry-lead ecosystem!

If you want to be part of our global Scale Up Your Skills Masterclass series, click on the link below to secure your spot.

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