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Empowering Innovative Solutions for a Modern World

Who We Are

Heritage STEM Camps Foundation is a global organization that curate immersive business STEAM experiences for aspiring leaders (from middle school to university) globally to think broadly about it's application. Our programs utilizes a holistic and transformational approach: STEM Academics, Leadership Development, and Fun Thru Discovery, to help build confidence and many other skills needed our in our dynamic world. These experiences equip and inspire our Ambassadors to learn foundational concepts and construct innovative business ideas based on themes ranging from the arts to medicine and agriculture, and provide them an opportunity to pitch their ideas to global business leaders and develop life-long relationships.


Join us for this enlightening workshop, HEMP: A Miracle of Nature, dedicated to exploring the incredible versatility and potential of the hemp plant.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of hemp, a truly miraculous plant with the potential to shape a sustainable future!


Contact us below or see our FAQ for your inquiries

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