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HSCF Masterclass SERIES: 

Scale Up Your Skills Library

The Past, The Present & The Future:
Where Do We Go From Here? Chaos or Community

James Sledge & Dr. Dennis Slaughter

Have you wondered how history has shaped us and continues to shape us? During this open conversation, James Sledge, a Global Labor Rights advocator and Education accompanied by Dr. Dennis Slaughter, will discuss the history and the advancements that have impacted education, STEAM, Technology, infrastructure,  equity, and INNOVATION.


Also, you'll be in the first seat in learning how to take most of this to keep moving forward.

A Path Towards Success 

Evelyn Smith Booker

Corporate television executive, trailblazer, and change-maker, Evelyn Smith Booker shares her 35-year journey, lessons learned, and how she navigated through challenges and triumphs during her career. Be sure to check out to her PODCAST "An Evelyn Smith Booker Moment".


Listen to the session where Ms. Booker provides insight to her journey and lessons learned along the way.

Financial MONTH
FinTech & Investments

Scott Karlin

Smithfield Foods' Director of Commodity Coverage and Analysis, Scott Karlin, will join our platform in an open discussion about FinTech has been evolving and how STEM is a key part of their process, as well you will experience a broader view by having the opportunity to discuss real-time case studies.


Ready to learn about strategic thinking, financials, and investment?

Mental Health MONTH
The Balancing Act

Simran Jindal

Simran Jandal, an Executive Partner I Global Lead Client Partner - A. P. Møller Maersk at IBM Consulting will share her own insights learned from her own journey representing the world’s leading company in hybrid multi-cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and business design with a mission to humanize technology and an ecosystem of industry-leading partners.


Listen to the session where Ms. Jindal provides insight to her journey and lessons learned along the way.

Becoming a better global citizen through Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Mamadou Toure

Mamadou is one of the leading experts in the FinTech world. He was named one of the top 10 Most Influential Men in Africa by Forbes Magazine in 2014 and one of the 40 leaders under 40 by the World Economic Forum. Using his global network and investment savviness, he has helped launch various socio-economic projects throughout the continent of Africa.

During this Scale Up Your Skills session, Mr. Touré will provide the history of currency, the value of disruptive technology, and how it can transform communities’ financial participation by using GOLD in a decentralized environment.


Watch and gain the tech-savvy knowledge needed to operate and invest smartly in the growing platform.

Understanding STEam
Rocking STEM at Home

Rock Tsang

The basis of STEM starts in and around your home. Rock Tsang, Founder & Creator of STEM 4 Equality. Mr. Tsang designs a homeschool STEM curriculum and he is also a Public Educator in Southern California. For many who want to explore and understand how to apply STEM in their daily life, and how it can hone your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, then this is the session for you. 

This Masterclass session is for both young aspiring STEM leaders, parents, and educators. 

This session has some FUN hands-on experiments that will IGNITE your critical thinking skills and help to leave you wanting more!

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