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Masterclass Series | "The Balancing Act" with Simran Jindal

“When you focus your mind and really put your mind to it, you are really capable of creating incredible things”.

May was mental health awareness month and we had Executive Partner & Global Lead Client Partner at IBM Consulting Simran Jindal joined us in our Masterclass Series on “The Act of Balance”. She shared her journey and the life changing experiences that helped bring perspective and balance in a life full of responsibilities and personal goals.

Simran Jindal is a successful global executive woman who started in the world of technology more than 20 years ago. She and her team provides technology solutions to the some of the largest companies around the world.

In this compeling Masterclass, Mrs. Jindal recounts her childhood and tells our young leaders about growing up in India's traditional culture with a family rooted in its own custom. Her mother would always encourage her to dedicate all her focus and effort to her education. Her efforts soon paid off, making her stand out from an early age. It was the director of her school who first suggested that she should go in technology, which entailed a huge challenge for a young woman in the 80s - 90s from an Indian family.

However, none of the obstacles that came her way stopped Simran from reaching her goals. She moved to the United States when most girls her age began to marry and took the risk of going off the beaten path to start a new life leaving everything she knew behind.

Fast forward, as responsibilities grew and Simran got married and started a family. That's when it was time to learn to balance work, family, marriage, and personal time. Simran says, "the key is to let go of those things that are not a priority in our lives and to be present in the moment you are living. If your family time is limited, try to make the best out of it”.

She also emphasized the importance of knowing yourself and understanding what your limits are. Not all people have the same tolerance to stress and pain, and that's fine, the important thing is to know how far you can go and let go when you can't handle it anymore. The point is to organize your life and priorities in such a way that you don't have to reach your limit and put your mental health at risk.

Simran shared with a practiced passed down from how her parents raised her to own children which is she has always treat her children as adults and has taught them to make their own decisions. “It is necessary for teenagers to take the time to socialize and have fun, but it is also important that they learn to prioritize on their own to achieve their goals while still enjoying their best years”. This creates a safe environment for them to practice and hone various skills at home

In closing this discussion, Simran gave four important points to keep in mind:

  • Define your top priorities in life

  • Ask for help, there is a lot of empathy in the world and people willing to help

  • If something is important to you, focus your time and attention on it

  • Know yourself and recognize your limits

We hope you enjoyed this article sign-up for our upcoming Masterclass Series: Scale Up Your Skills here! We have two more events this year.

Our goal is to cultivate knowledge and foster new habits to promote personal and educational growth so do not miss out and join the conversations!


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