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Upcoming 2020 Venture Capital Bootcamp

October marks the beginning of our fall camp series, our Venture Capital Bootcamp. So, what can you expect from our upcoming camp sessions? Coming up very quickly on October 10 is our Bio-Agriculture & Technology Symposium, where Ambassadors will get the opportunity to interact with a panel of innovative leaders in a variety of agricultural fields. Ambassadors will then get a chance to further interact with a panelist with a variety of breakout room options, including a live food science experiment! Our Bootcamp will include a multitude of sessions ranging from our Bio-Agriculture & Technology Symposium to a Finance 101 Session with Jasmine Davis, Vice-President Associate Marketing Manager at Wells Fargo, to leadership development classes.

Our Venture Capital STEM Bootcamp will conclude on December 12, with participating Ambassadors actually pitching their business ideas to a panel of judges to win prizes, including up to $1000 for their business pitch! This Bootcamp will inspire your Ambassadors to be creative and build confidence in their innovative ideas. Our focus with this Virtual Venture Capital STEM Bootcamp is on agriculture and technology because there are many facets of life that are influenced by either or both subject matters, and some of these facets are influenced in ways we don’t even realize.

For those who are interested even a little bit in any of the sessions mentioned above, we encourage our Ambassadors and any future Ambassadors to join us on these upcoming Saturday’s! Each session will allow us to dive deeper into the areas of focus, so we can stimulate our minds with thought and creativity in this time of great stress.

We hope you join us this fall.

Let’s learn together!


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