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Select any of our unique camp programs.

They will transform how you view the world of STEM, leadership and fun with other like-minded peers.

Come and join us!




summer schedule at UNC Chapel Hill

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Launch Special $999 - Ends June 18, 2018

During “Applied STEM Essentials,” campers will get the opportunity to work on a variety of STEM hands-on activities each day. From building and launching rockets, creating DNA stands, planting hydro-gardens, coding, robotics, to inventing new food combination in a lab. Also, learning leadership skills is a cornerstone in our collaborative environment getting valuable mentoring for our global partners from around the world. 

 June 24 – 29, 2018 

Applied STEM Essentials: (Girls only)

$125 (Registration)  |  $1225 (Camp Price)

The future belongs to those who code. As the world grows more dependent on computers to complete everyday tasks, computer programming has become one of the most attractive skills of the century. This camp will put campers in the programmer's seat. They will build drones, rockets, computer games, and more. Campers will be equipped with applicable skills and real-world experiences that will truly set them apart. 

 July 8 – 13, 2018 

IT: Coding, Drones, & Rockets (Boys only)

$125 (Registration)  |  $1225 (Camp Price)

If you like food, you would love this camp! Food Science has become more complex and technologically driven. Learning how to farm, grow, and harvest crops are essential to sustaining communities. This camp will open your mind to how food innovation from hydro-culture to genetic engineers and organic farming has and will continue to change. Plus, you will cook with a global chef unique meal, visit and work on a sustainable farm while learning valuable leadership lessons from global experts.

 July 22 – 27, 2018 

Agriculture & Technology (Girls Only)

$125 (Registration)  |  $1225 (Camp Price)

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