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Celebrating Black History Month

During the month of February, HSCF observed a few of the many accomplishments designed or led by African/African Americans ranging from cleverly engineered innovations widely used today to policies shaping equity in education and finances. From a speech by Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at a Mall in 1963 to the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history's, Amanda Gorman, speech in 2021 of hope, promise, and change for all, these leaders had the vision to change lives.

We kicked off the month with the legendary and graceful Ms. Cecily Tyson, a fierce trailblazer and activist in the arts. Along with icons alike Harry Belafonte Jr., and those who made tech history such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Sarah Boone.

Heritage also conducted the, HSCF "Walk For History" challenge. A strong mind is supported by a healthy body that offers many benefits. We encouraged others to take walks around the world, and we hope that this continues.

Finally, we concluded HSCF BHM with a powerful and insightful Masterclass discussion with HSCF Founder Tina Taylor and James Sledge, a global labor rights educator and advocate.

Our goal is to remind, educate, and spark hope through the many contributions made by ordinary people of color that impact everyone globally. Just believe in yourself, and work hard to make your dreams into reality.

Please be sure to visit our social media platforms if you missed any of the past or present luminaries that have paved the way for many. Start your walk today, and sign-up to hear and ask questions during our Masterclass series.

We look forward to seeing you at some of our many events in 2021.


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